Smart Innovation Arena is well-equipped for streaming, whether you are hosting webinars, events, hybrid conferences, or need a professional setting for presenting to a client.

There are three remote-controlled cameras connected to a production station where our producer ensures the content is assembled and streamed out, either to a video/streaming platform or directly into Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, or other digital meeting platforms. If desired, we can also record the production, and we can be hired to conduct video interviews before and after an event, which can be compiled into a summary video.

Mette Magnussen og Ketil Thomsen


Our digital marketers are responsible for publishing and updating the websites of Smart Innovation and the clusters. They create user surveys for various events and contribute to text production. An important area of responsibility is the management of social media channels for both Smart Innovation, the incubator, and the clusters.

Journalism, newsletters, text production

Our journalists have expertise in writing journalistic texts such as news articles, opinion pieces, and press releases. They understand the function and persuasive power of language, and they use illustrations, images, videos, and graphics to emphasize the message.

We produce newsletters and update the websites for both clients and Smart Innovation Norway.

Anja Lillerud
Graphic design, website, social media profiles, communication strategy and plan, videos, events, marketing, and communication

A taste of what we can deliver


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