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Our partners' contributions enable us to provide unique resources and opportunities to our incubator companies. We collaborate with a wide range of partners, both private and public entities, to ensure that our portfolio companies have access to the best tools, networks, and expertise they need to succeed.

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Venture Partners

  • Tone Kaarbø - Ræder
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    Tone Karrbø
    ADVOKATFIRMA RÆDER / Managing partner

    We aim to participate in the realization of startups and scaleups, ensuring that the legal foundation is in place. We support a thriving entrepreneurial community and are committed to actively engaging with the ecosystem associated with Smart Innovation Norway in the future.

  • Jon Tørmoen - Sparebank 1 Ø/A
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    Jon Tørmoen
    SPAREBANK 1 ØSTFOLD AKERSHUS / Director Industry and Credit

    SpareBank 1 Østfold Akershus aims to contribute to developing companies and creating job opportunities. We depend on more individuals wanting to establish their own businesses and as many of them succeeding in creating viable enterprises. By supporting the Launchpad programs, we assist Smart Innovation Norway in providing entrepreneurs with favorable conditions to succeed in their endeavors.

  • Ole Christian - Garuda
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    Ole Christian Stubberud
    GARUDA / Partner

    We collaborate with Smart Innovation Norway because what you are working with is highly meaningful, and we want to contribute to enabling new companies to grow, develop, and have the right expertise, which is crucial for their success.

  • Jan-Petter-Westlie - Badenoch clark
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    Jan-Petter Westlie
    BADENOCH & CLARK / Manager Executive Search

    We at Badenoch & Clark have had the pleasure of collaborating with Smart Innovation Norway for about a year now, and we find SIN to be a proactive partner that is easy to work with and receptive to input. Thanks to our partnership with SIN, we are now the Executive Search company in Norway that conducts the highest number of board recruitments per year. One of our main target groups for this work is early-stage companies, and in that regard, SIN is a perfect partner that we hope to continue collaborating with for a long time.

  • Morten Grusd - Escalon
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    Morten Grusd
    ESCALON SERVICES / Head of Marketing and Sales

    For ambitious entrepreneurs to succeed with their ideas, it is crucial to rely on experienced and competent resources, especially in areas outside their core expertise. As participants in Smart Innovation Norway's incubator program, entrepreneurs gain access to human resources, capital, and a professional network that is invaluable for success in a challenging startup process.

    As a partner of Smart Innovation Services, Escalon Services is pleased to offer services in accounting, controlling, payroll, HR, and business law, which are essential for ensuring smooth internal operations and success in the market.

  • Knut Pedersen - Spring
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    Knut Pedersen
    SPRING / Co-founder & CEO

    Norway needs entrepreneurs who can contribute to discovering and harnessing "the new oil" we will rely on in the future, and these entrepreneurs require environments like Smart Innovation Norway. For Spring, it was a natural decision to become a partner in Venture, as our mission is to help tomorrow's sustainable companies grow beyond their own potential and across borders.

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