High-paced incubation program for ambitious tech startups

More than 200+ companies have gone through our incubation program. Our incubator provides the perfect setup to reduce risk, attract investors, and increase the value of your company.

We offer a state-of-the-art platform with dedicated mentors with extensive experience and knowledge, assisting companies in developing and scaling their ideas into sustainable businesses.

We work with ambitious startups and scaleups aiming to address global sustainability challenges in applied artificial intelligence (AI) and energy systems.

We offer

  • Network Network

    We match our members with established businesses, partners, potential customers and investors. Through our network, we connect ideas, people and companies to create added value.

  • Finding potential customers Exclusive Partnership Agreements

    Gain access to premium industry partners who offer relevant services and products for growing companies. We offer startup programs from Microsoft, Hubspot, Amazon Active, and more.

  • Business development Business Development

    We assist companies from establishment to internationalization and possess both resources and experts to help you develop and scale your business.

  • Fundraising support Support for Capital Fundraising

    As a startup, you need initial funding. We assist you in identifying and applying for soft funding opportunities and support programs, as well as providing assistance with capital fundraising.

  • Promotion Promotion

    We promote all our portfolio companies at relevant venues and events to ensure high exposure of our members.

  • Advisory Services

    Through our mentor program, the companies receive one-on-one coaching from dedicated and engaged mentors with 200+ years of experience in revenue growth, capital fundraising, and organizational development.

  • Access to an Ecosystem

    The incubator is a part of Smart Innovation Norway's ecosystem, and as a member with us, you gain access to the entire platform and all our resources.

  • Domain relevant partners Events and Gatherings

    We organize events and gatherings both physically and digitally, focusing on social, networking, and knowledge-enhancing aspects to ensure high value for our members.

  • Cluster membership Cluster Membership

    Cluster membership is included in the incubator agreement, granting you access to a network of over 200 companies within the private and public sectors.

  • Join research project Participation in Research Projects

    Smart Innovation has its own research department that assists startups with funding opportunities in both Norway and the EU. As a member, you have the opportunity to participate in relevant research projects carried out by the organization.

  • Sverre ringstad - betera
    quote icon
    Sverre Ringstad
    Entrepreneur and CEO - BETERA

    Our company has needs that can be summed up with the three C's: capital, competence and capacity. Smart Innovation makes it easy for us, they deliver on all of these! Smart Innovation has solid business expertise in-house, a solid network both in terms of customers and recruitment of expertise, as well as the necessary resources to contribute to the capitalization rounds the company is facing.

  • henrik berger - equip
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    Henrik Movinkel Berger
    Entrepreneur and CEO - EQUIP

    Being part of a network with ambitious entrepreneurs and supporters is extremely valuable to us. We are particularly pleased with Smart Innovation's mentorship program. Being able to call on an experienced individual for advice when needed creates a sense of security and efficiency in our daily operations.

  • robert ekrem - volur
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    Robert Ekrem
    Entrepreneur and CEO - VÖLUR

    We have been a member and closely worked with Smart Innovation Norway for several years. Through their general membership services and participation in their programs, we have benefited in various areas, including expanding our network, acquiring resources, and raising capital. The support and advice we have received have been crucial for our company's growth and will continue to be important in the future.

  • marius fossli-solli - maskin konsulenten
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    Marius Fossli-Solli
    Entrepreneur and CEO - MASKIN KONSULENTEN

    Having taken the step to involve Smart Innovation Norway as a partner who will assist in strengthening the work of developing the company towards the digital future.

  • andre eilertsen - one traffic
    quote icon
    Andrè Eilertsen
    Entrepreneur and CEO - ONE TRAFFIC

    As part of the Smart Innovation Norway family, we have gained opportunities, insights, and contacts that have been crucial for our growth and success.

Access to a unique and international network

  • Research & Academia

    Our research department has a network of 300+ leading Norwegian and international universities and research institutions, and can help connect your startup with relevant research projects.

  • Public Sector

    We work closely with local and national authorities through our Smart Cities and Communities team, which assists municipalities and the county with societal development and connects startups with announced projects.

  • Private Business Sector

    We have close ties to the industry and a global presence. Our cluster network ensures good market access for our portfolio companies.

  • Investors

    We collaborate with private investors and angel networks to support our startups in capital fundraising, as well as introducing our companies to Fortress Fund, of which Smart Innovation is a co-owner.

Why choose us?

Fast track to success
We tailor our services and mentoring to solve your needs and work closely with the company to ensure sustainable growth

Valuable network
Our ecosystem is rigged to match your company with capital, customers and competence

Trust and credibility
We want you to succeed and place trust and credibility in the companies we recruit

Silicon Valley

How do we work?


Build a team with relevant expertise. Shape the idea and the business model. Do market research and verification. Focus on formal structure and building the foundation


Prepare a go-to-market plan. Development product concept and MVP. Define primary customer segments and how to get the first pilot and customers


Building a sustainable business structure and governance. Develop and strengthen the service offering. Finding product-market-fit and develop routines for customer follow-up


Improve and develop the product through R&D in combination with intensive growth activities. Acquire risk capital to increase capacity and set the pace


Expand into new markets by establishing strategic partnerships and network to gain a foothold and learn the business culture and secure warm customer introductions

Silicon Valley

Our mentors offer knowledge and experience

We are highly focused on providing founders customers, capital and competence. Through 1:1 mentoring and close follow-up routines, you get the tools and methods you need to build a successful company.

Get matched with a personal mentor who will follow the development of your company, ensuring that the team moves forward towards relevant milestones, makes responsible strategic decisions and prioritizes the most important activities first.

What can you expect from us?

  • Dedication
    We go to great lengths to help our founders achieve their goals
  • Enthusiasm
    We love working with tomorrow's game-changers
  • Industry expertise
    We have broad competence and experts in-house

Our application process

Submit the application and pitch deck for your company. We will interview and select sustainable companies with a scalable business model and international ambitions - is that you?

Mikael Melitshenko

Would you like more information?

Contact Mikael Melitshenko at +47 481 76 614.