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We help established businesses to innovate and implement new services or strategic initiatives in order to compete in a changing market.

  1. Increase your expertise
  2. Acquire relevant resources
  3. Expand your network

Launchpad X
– a unique accelerator program that supports established companies in launching new products to the market

Professional Services
– tailor-made solutions to help companies develop strategic changes to strengthen their position in existing or new markets

LaunchPad X – Startup Approach for Established Businesses:

An experience-based accelerator program with a fast-paced and customer-focused approach.

We provide you with the tools, expertise, and methods necessary for development in new markets, which you can utilize in the future.

The end result is a go-to-market plan for launching your new product and a more innovative organization.

Launchpad X is funded by Viken County Municipality.

Professional Service - this is how we work

Specialized services dedicated to meeting the needs of your business. Covers all relevant and critical domains from the establishment of new services to scaling and internationalisation.

1. Objective

A clear goal is essential to ensure coordination of process and initiatives.

2. Analysis

Current issues and challenges must be addressed, in order to understand all elements that influence.

3. Mapping

Assessment of potential measures to achieve the goals. The focus is on customer segmentation, market strategy, value proposition, and sales strategy.

4. Action Plan

Developing a plan for how and when to implement the various initiatives, allocating activities related to the strategy.

5. Implementation

We assist you with the practical implementation of the initiatives.

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