Buildings account up to 40 % of the total energy consumption in Europe and generate up to 36 % of the greenhouse gas emissions. Majority of the building stock is over 40 years old, with high potential for improved energy efficiency through renovation activities.

CHRONICLE aims to deliver a set of digital tools to support sustainable design, construction and renovation, as well as investment decision making for buildings, taking a life-cycle approach in building performance assessment. The aim is to improve the performance of buildings towards energy efficiency, comfort, and improved well-being of residents.

CHORNICLE takes a human-centric approach to digitalization of buildings whereby end-users, residents and professionals working in the building sector alike, are at the centre of the development of the tools and services.

CHRONICLE’s building performance assessment framework and toolset will be demonstrated and validated in five pilot sites spanning the geographic diversity of Europe, namely in Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Greece and Switzerland.