Smart mobilitet

AURORAL – smart mobilitet og digital guiding i reiselivet i grisgrendte strøk


The EU funded AURORAL project aims to increase connectivity and deliver a digital environment enabling digital thrive in rural ecosystems throughout innovation chains, applications, and services.


Typically, AURORAL project aims to:

  • Increase economic growth and create jobs in rural areas and to tackle significant societal challenges.
  • Overcoming digital divide between rural and urban areas and to develop the potential offered by increased connectivity and digitization of rural areas.
  • Demonstrate cost-efficient and flexible cross-domain applications through large-scale pilots in five European regions.
  • Build on an open, API-based, interoperable and federated Internet of Things (IoT) architecture and includes a reference implementation supporting flexible integration of heterogeneous services, bridging the interoperability gap of the smart object platforms and creating markets for services in rural areas.

Smart Innovation Norway contributes to key tasks: i) develop and validate a comprehensive methodology to monitor and track AURORAL’s relevance, scalability and replicability in European Rural Areas; ii) support and coordination for Stakeholder Engagement activities at pilot locations and at the project level.


Read more about the AURORA project (in English)

Read more about the AURORA project (in Norwegian)