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Why should you care about EU funding and innovation? As a Strong Innovator country according to the EU, Norway operates within a highly innovative ecosystem, leaving weak innovators behind. EU funding presents a remarkable opportunity for your organization to:

  • Obtain Financial Support: EU projects cover costs like equipment, personnel, and operational expenses, fostering growth potential.
  • Expand Network and Collaboration: Collaborating through EU projects forms partnerships that can lead to future joint ventures, broadening horizons.
  • Access Expertise and Resources: EU projects provide exposure to the latest advancements and best practices, keeping you at the forefront of your field.

In pursuit of fostering innovation and development , Innovasjon Norge recognizes this tool as a valuable asset for Norwegian organizations to unlock their EU participation potential, access EU funding, and maximize the reach of their innovations.

What is the EU funding readiness self-assessment tool?

The EU Funding Readiness self-assessment will measure your potential to participate in EU projects. It will provide you with indicators and valuable insights on your organisation´s knowledge, capability and willingness to take advantage of the EU Funding opportunities, thus booting your innovation potential and competitiveness. The tool will collect your organisation's data through a questionnaire, categorise your answers and calculate indicators related your knowledge, capability, and willingness to participate in EU programs. The results are presented in a comprehensive EU Funding Readiness report, highlighting your organisation´s strengths and weaknesses, providing a benchmarking with similar entities in your ecosystem, and delivering recommendations for improvement.

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EU funding readiness self-assessment tool

How the results will look like

After completing the survey, your organization will receive a detailed report assessing your EU funding readiness. It includes comprehensive information on the factors considered in the calculations. The report also presents your organization's benchmarking at various levels, such as national, sectorial, and cluster, providing valuable insights into your current position within the Norwegian ecosystem. This information empowers you to make informed decisions regarding RDI strategy and improving organizational performance. Additionally, the report identifies strengths, weaknesses, and offers recommendations and strategies to enhance your overall score and increase your EU Funding Readiness level.

What is next?

To improve your EU Funding Readiness, the first step is to answer the survey. Before you begin, here are some recommendations and key information to make it easier for you:

Scope and Context: This survey evaluates your organization's innovation capabilities, focusing on participation in European funding schemes and projects. EU funding can accelerate your innovation cycle and open new opportunities. However, successful project proposals and execution require specific expertise. This tool not only assesses innovation potential but also helps EU advisors profile companies within their clusters, enhancing the quality and customization of their services. The survey is designed for various organizations, including SMEs, start-ups, established companies, and research centres.

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EU funding readiness self-assessment tool

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Your EU-advisor

EU funding offers more than just financial support. It provides international exposure and builds credibility for companies entering global markets, attracting investors, and building strong teams. The EU Adviser project is funded by Innovation Norway with the grand purpose of increasing mobilization, participation and success of the clusters and cluster’ members in applications for EU funding.

In a nutshell, the EU advisor is the glue to form and draw value from an ecosystem around EU funding opportunities towards the cluster domain and its cross-over with other sectors, bringing value back to Norway by:

  • Highlighting the opportunities available within the EU funding arena and guiding cluster members towards the best funding sources, adding value and accelerating their members' growth journey.
  • Supporting members’ strategy to tap into EU funding, at the right timing, with the right partners and with the right value proposition, to increase chances of success.
  • Providing solid expertise and support, reducing the barriers to applying for EU funding, going beyond what is written in EU manuals.
  • Strengthening the national and international ecosystem of the cluster members towards Europe, facilitating the networking, helping to creation of consortia, and providing exposure and benchmarking against international peers and competitors.
  • Intermediating between the cluster members and public/funding authorities as IN, RCN, FHI, or Helsedirektoratet, between others.
  • Supporting implementation of granted projects to increase value creation for the participants and reduce risk by structuring the right internal processes.

Explore the potential of EU funding and clusters to elevate your business. Let us help you navigate the EU landscape and unlock growth opportunities!