Smart Innovation Norways message at Arendalsuka 2023: "We contribute to action"

With its business clusters, initiatives, and projects in current topics such as artificial intelligence, energy, and climate actions, Smart Innovation Norway's participation in Arendalsuka 2023 was highly relevant and sought after.

Arendalsuka is an annual national platform where stakeholders in politics, society, and business come together for debates and the formulation of policies for the present and future. This year's edition was no exception.

"For Smart Innovation Norway, it's important to meet decision-makers and influence those who set the framework for business development in Norway," says Kjell Reidar Mydske, CEO of Smart Innovation Norway.

Crucial meeting place

Together with his colleagues, he had a busy and rewarding program throughout the week.

"We exist to assist our members and partner companies. We can do that concretely over there by providing them with a stage and connecting them with relevant partners and companies," notes Mydske.

During Nemonoor's event "4 AI Cases in 45 Minutes" on MS Søgne, Cluster for Applied AI partner Airmont was among the presenters. Represented here is Karl-Magnus Haugen (on the left), and on the right is Eirik Andreassen from Digital Norway.

Among other things, several cluster partners from the Cluster for Applied AI had the opportunity to showcase their AI cases during an event organized by Nemonoor – a national hub for articial intelligence.

In-demand expertise

Smart Innovation Norway was well-represented during Arendalsuka. Four leaders from the company participated in various debates and events, which is more than ever before.

"The areas we work in – artificial intelligence, energy, and climate actions – are what everyone is talking about, and that's what Arendalsuka is all about now. This means that our expertise is in demand, and organizers want to hear our views in the debates," explains the CEO, who spent a lot of time in meetings with politicians, Siva, NHO, LO, and various business leaders.

Smart Innovation Norway's Kjell Reidar Mydske (left), Eli Haugerud, and Stian Melhus participated in Arendalsuka 2023. Photo: Anja Lillerud.

In addition to Mydske, the leader of the DECOM Cluster, Stian Melhus, was present in Arendal to talk about decommissioning. Gurill Mediaa, the leader of the company's new catapult node AID, presented this Siva initiative. Head of Communities, Eli Haugerud, also participated in several events and meetings, where she discussed the company's work with artificial intelligence..

"One of the debates I participated in had the theme 'AI as a double-edged sword,' and it was about how artificial intelligence can contribute to creating new businesses, new opportunities, and profits but must be done in a sustainable and ethical manner," says Haugerud.

Smart Innovation Norway also plays a role in Kraftløftet, which was widely discussed during the week in Arendal. Additionally, the company is one of the contributors to the report Fornybarnæringen eksporterer, which was formally presented to the Prime Minister during Arendalsuka. The report is about how Norway can and should invest in renewable energy for export.

Contributes to action

Overall, the top leader of Smart Innovation Norway is very satisfied with what the company achieved during Arendalsuka 2023.

"We got a lot out of the week. In addition to the fact that the topics we work on are very important, it's interesting to see a general focus on speed. In artificial intelligence, it's about being in the race and staying ahead of China and Russia. When it comes to climate, we are running out of time with respect to the planet's limits. In energy, we also have little time to secure enough sustainable energy for the climate and business development."

"This focus on the pace of transformation suits us well and characterizes our culture and way of working. We contribute to action," he concludes.