The PROBONO project envisions to establish a people-focused European construction industry, by working in harmony with the broader community of stakeholders, to deliver scalable, sustainable, and viable energy-positive and zero-carbon Green Building Neighbourhoods. A Green Building Neighbourhood is defined as a people-centred social, urban and natural fabric, confined to a climate-neutral district, integrating Green Buildings, energy and mobility infrastructures, so to enable citizens to live sustainably. This calls for a multidisciplinary approach fostered by co-creation and collaborative decision-making engaging all stakeholders – not least the citizens.

In PROBONO, Smart Innovation Norway is leading the development, implementation, and evaluation of social and behavioural innovations in the six Living Labs. This work starts with a comprehensive stakeholder analysis (including citizens and end-users as key stakeholders), identifying the local drivers and barriers. It includes several participatory processes facilitating collaborative decision-making across stakeholder categories and co-design processes with multiple stakeholders. As a crucial foundation for this, the development of zero-carbon neighbourhoods calls for an evidence-based approach to large-scale behavioural changes.

Lastly, Smart Innovation Norway is also involved in the market analysis and leading the design and implementation of the project’s communication and awareness raising activities.