World Electric Vehicle Journal publishes work by Smart Innovation Norway researchers

Smart Innovation Norway researchers Dr Iliana Ilieva and Prof Bernt A. Bremdal, together with co-authors Kristoffer Tangrand and Shayan Dadman from the Arctic University of Tromsø, got their scientific article E-Mobility and Batteries—A Business Case for Flexibility in the Arctic Region published in World Electric Vehicle Journal (WEVJ) in February 2023.

The article is a result of ongoing work within the CINELDI project, an eight-year Research Centre under the FME scheme (Centre for Environment-Friendly Energy Research).

The E-Mobility and Batteries—A Business Case for Flexibility in the Arctic Region paper presents a method for determining the economic incentives and limitations for a battery used for peak clipping (also with reference to mobile batteries).

A ratio called the R-factor has been introduced, which helps determine the energy demand to curb the peak.

The paper’s results embrace different investment scenarios showing what battery capacity can be expected, dependent on interest rates, payback time and potential savings in power tariffs due to curtailment.

In addition, the paper introduces the “wrench and cut” concept, which can help improve the investment case for batteries by combining battery operations with standard demand response operations.

In particular, the effect of using a limited form of demand response-based load deactivation together with a battery has been analyzed. Data from the Interreg North-funded project Smart Charge (2019-2021) has been utilized in the paper.

– Our findings are highly relevant for vehicle-to-grid/vehicle-to-building developments where a vehicle is considered a mobile battery. The results we provide in our paper open avenues for enhanced utilization of mobile or stationary batteries, something that will have a particularly positive effect on regions such as the Arctic, where coal is still a major energy source, says Dr Ilieva.

Facts about WEVJ:

The World Electric Vehicle Journal is the first peer-reviewed international scientific journal that covers all studies related to battery, hybrid, and fuel-cell electric vehicles comprehensively.

It is the official journal of The World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), and its members are the European Association for e-Mobility (AVERE), the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), and the Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific (EVAAP).

The WEVJ is published quarterly online by MDPI.