Cities and societies are constantly changing. Migration, digitalization, and climate change are the most significant changes in today's society, and we need new tools, knowledge, and work processes to handle them effectively. 

To address global challenges, we must take action locally. Through the sustainability model, we strive for social, economic, and environmental sustainability, placing the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals at the top of the agenda. 

To achieve this, we must foster good collaborations in the penta-helix model, involving academia with the latest research, businesses and social entrepreneurs developing products and services, the public sector taking the lead, and the people – our residents – at the center, living in these cities and societies for generations to come. 

Renewable energy is one of many solutions to address climate disruption. We must use green energy while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and finding alternative ways to utilize energy. By employing energy-efficient buildings and reducing transportation needs, we decrease energy usage. Additionally, transitioning from fossil fuels to green transport or using solar energy instead of electricity for heating our homes allows us to utilize energy differently. 

Both new technology and innovative business models can help us achieve our goals, desires, and needs. We must develop innovative solutions and have the courage to implement them. In the era of digital transformation, we can create systems, use data cross-functionally, and connect things in new ways to achieve synergies in an ecosystem perspective. 

Circular economy broadens our view of resources, for example, in the production industry, where waste from one actor becomes resources for another. Sharing economy is also part of the circular economy framework, where we utilize societal resources more efficiently. 

This can involve neighbors sharing a car through a car-sharing pool, constructing communal areas in a neighborhood to reduce building space, or creating a borrowing system for winter sports equipment. 

To succeed in these endeavors, society needs to explore new types of organizational models and structures that prioritize innovation, co-creation, and the penta-helix approach, deeply ingrained in the public sector and other organizations.  

Bærekraftige byer og samfunn

Who are we? 

We are the builders of society who are passionate about sustainability, innovation, and are always ready to take on new challenges. Our team is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds, ages, and genders, and we always strive for a good balance and absolute equality. We have a great mix of engineers, entrepreneurs, economists, and social scientists. 

Who do we work with? 

We work with Nordic small and medium-sized municipalities that aim to accelerate their efforts towards sustainable community development. With extensive experience in collaborating with the public sector, we excel in bridging the gap between the municipality, businesses, academia, and civil society.

We also engage in co-creation with the business sector in areas that contribute to building better cities and communities to live in.