Climate Risk Workshop

To develop climate plans, climate budgets, and climate accounts requires expertise and capacity within the organization. Smart Innovation Norway offers workshops where participants review potential scenarios and learn how to work comprehensively and systematically with climate risk.

The participants are presented with two future scenarios through storytelling based on the IPCC's projections from the UN's climate panel. How will climate, nature, people, and business be affected right where you are located?

The first scenario visualizes the future as it will be if we continue at the same pace as today. Here, participants gain insight into to the enormous challenges we may actually face.

In the second scenario, we envision a future where we have achieved our climate and nature goals, illustrating the opportunities that lie ahead if we successfully reach these targets.

Participants will then work across silos, departments, and agencies to identify what this means for each individual and what actions are required.

Read more about how Smart Innovation Norway works with climate risk

Practical Information

This workshop must be booked; see contact person.

Duration: One workday

Who is it for: Municipalities and businesses

Execution: Digitally or physically

Scope: 60 hours divided between two consultants (including preparation, knowledge base, foresight production, seminar, and follow-up)

If this sounds interesting, please get in touch to set up a workshop with us.