EMPOWER-webinar den 26. oktober

EMPOWER webinar the 26th of October

KIC InnoEnergy Master School Webinar #24
Micro-markets & EMPOWER project

What does “micro-market” mean in the energy sector? Are there new business opportunities related to them? and… Is there any current project working to encourage and enable the active participation of citizens to consume and produce energy in a local environment?

Pol Olivella, researcher at Smart Innovation Østfold (Norway), will explain how the power system is evolving from centralized to distributed generation. These local electricity markets can solve problems at distribution level like saturated transformers or overloaded lines.

Moreover, local transactions can bring new profits from flexibility services and increase the share of renewable energy without over costs so new business opportunities are arising.

He will also present the EMPOWER project based on the insight that a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and an increase of energy efficiency require radical changes in the way we produce and consume energy.

Who is this for? All KIC InnoEnergy MSc students, graduates and prospective students and everyone else with an interest in innovation in Sustainable Energy

Questions or comments?

Please post them on the KIC InnoEnergy YouTube Channel during the webinar or send them to: webinars@kic-innoenergy.com.

Guest Speaker:

Pol Olivella, Researcher, Smart Innovation Østfold (Norway)


Andreas Sumper, Coordinator of MSc Energy for Smart Cities, UPC BarcelonaTech

Date & Time:

Wed October 26, 2016, 11 hrs (CEST)


You can watch it live directly from this link or watch it later via the KIC InnoEnergy YouTube Channel