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Novel tools, algorithms, and a flexibility platform by FLEXGRID H2020 

Future smart grids require effective interaction between energy markets and electricity grid management systems to introduce new services and mitigate risks presented by high-RES penetration. […]

Energy flexibility on everyone’s lips

Being a work package leader of the FLEXGRID H2020 project, Smart Innovation Norway organised the workshop “Energy flexibility – from customer to market” where national […]

Leading the way regarding energy flexibility

Renewable energy resources are the future, but at the same time uncertainties regarding predictions and availability arise. How can businesses, public institutions and private households […]

EU spends millions of euros on reducing plastic waste – Smart Innovation Norway is partner

The Plastics2Olefins project aims to recycle plastic waste into high-value materials. Being one of the most significant research projects for Smart Innovation Norway, the company’s […]

Top rating in European research

By Anja Lillerud and Dieter Hirdes, 16 March 2022 The Research Council of Norway recently published the top-50 list of Norwegian actors who have achieved […]

SESA project – Smart Energy Solutions for Africa to accelerate the green transition and energy access

SESA is a new EU funded project under H2020 that aims at mitigating climate change while improving access to sustainable energy under affordable, reliable conditions. […]

World Electric Vehicle Journal publishes work by Smart Innovation Norway researchers

Smart Innovation Norway researchers Dr. Iliana Ilieva and Prof. Bernt A. Bremdal got their scientific article Flexibility-Enhancing Charging Station to Support the Integration of Electric Vehicles published in World Electric Vehicle Journal (WEVJ) in April 2021.

Peter og Tomas ble kastet rett inn i en digital kontorhverdag

Etter et par måneder har prosjektleder Peter Andreas Prydz Gørbitz og forsker Tomas Klevmo fortsatt til gode å møte sine nye kolleger i virkeligheten, men begge er godt i gang i sine ferske stillinger hos Smart Innovation Norway.

RESOLVD Final Event resulted in new insight and ideas

Last week, Smart Innovation Norway hosted the two-day RESOLVD Final Event digitally, where the piloting results were revealed and the project partners presented their most significant findings.

Utvikler modell for prediksjon av strømpriser: – Viktig satsingsområde

For Smart Innovation Norway er energi et viktig satsingsområde, særlig hvordan kunstig intelligens kan effektivisere energibransjen – blant annet ved hjelp av mer nøyaktige prognoser.